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Ken Bible


Ken Bible is a respected author, teacher, publisher, and hymn writer. For over 35 years, he has worked in Christian publishing, serving as director, editor, and consultant. 

Ken is an innovative communicator with a long list of credits:

  • 15 published books
  • Over 400 published songs.
  • Original hymns in 20 major hymnals.
  • Editor of the hymnal, Sing to the Lord.
  • Compiler of hundreds of music collections, including Master Chorus Book, which has sold over 1.3 million copies.
  • Devoted to the local church, active as a Sunday School teacher, musician, writer, and speaker.

Most of all, Ken has a personal passion for Jesus Christ and a burning desire to draw people to Him.

Center for Pastoral Leadership

Nazarene Theological Seminary

Through webinars, online courses, discussion forums and special events, the Center for Pastoral Leadership hopes to move education, mentoring and support beyond the seminary and into the field.In short, the Center for Pastoral Leadership comes alongside men and women called to ministry to prepare and—equally important—to sustain them for a lifetime of effective service to Christ and the Church.